These are testimonials and posts that have been copied from customers on Facebook.


Let me tell you, this homemade product is AMAZING!!! I absolutely loved each item. The goat’s milk soap is great, the aroma of the bath bomb is incredible, plus it left my skin so smooth & hydrated. BUT, my absolute favorite was the body scrub!!! I honestly, can not emphasize enough how great of a […]

Lissa E.

So I decided to order myself a last min Mother’s Day gift to SUPORT A LOCAL BUSINESS and I was thrilled that it was delivered just a few hours later!! I know his children work hard at this and I got some bonus samples as well.               Link

Lora B.

A girl I work with highly recommended this company. I ordered the goats milk and, bath bomb and a body scrub. The goats milk is amazing on my dry skin and the body scrub is absolutely devine! great products and look forward to ordering more. Link

Jessie W.