All About Loofahs

What is a loofah (loofa, luffa)?

It’s a vegetable that grows on a vine and will ripen to a replenishable and sustainable body scrub.

We began growing loofahs in the summer of 2019. We did not know what the outcome would be, but when they finally began to grow, we began preparing them to be sold. Loofahs grow on vines. The vines can grow quite long, as ours grew just over 80 feet. Loofahs look just like zucchini and are even edible when the vegetable is young. However, to produce the sponge, you let it dry and then peel the skin. The cleansing process starts by soaking the loofahs in a bleach-water mixture. We use one-half a cup of bleach per five gallons of water. They are then hung up and dried.
 The picture to the right shows the different stages of the loofah. The dark green color is what it looks like as it first starts growing. Then it becomes more of a light yellow-green color. When it turns brown, that is when it is ready to be picked and peeled. The white-tan color loofah is what it looks like after it is peeled and soaked in the bleach water, also in the picture below.
Loofahs are great at exfoliating and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. They are also good renewable resources. To properly use them, soak them in water and they will be squishy and act like a sponge. The loofahs are best paired with our Shea Butter and Goats Milk soaps. You can use them on your body and face to reduce oils. Due to the naturalness of the loofah, when you first use a loofah, it may smell like hay. After a few uses, however, the smell will be gone.  Rest assured, the hay smell does not transfer to your skin!

If you would like to purchase a loofah, head over to our shop and pick one up today!

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