Lemongrass Goats Milk Soap

What is so awesome about our Lemongrass Goats Milk Soap?

When it comes to repelling some pests, we just might have the answer for you!

We started making Lemongrass Goats Milk Soap upon request from one of our customers at the Hallsville Farmers and Artisans Market.  This gentleman was curious about our Lemongrass scented items.  His claim was that he was instructed to use it because of it’s natural properties to repel ticks (Google Search).  While it was the first we had heard of it, we quickly started researching. Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap
Lemongrass Body Scrub with Lemongrass The information returned from Google was interesting and surprising.  The Lemongrass essential oil that we were using for our Lemongrass Bath Bombs and Lemongrass Body Scrub is reported by many to repel ticks (and some other pests).  While the customer that was asking about it didn’t want to use a Bath Bomb or our Body Scrub, we agreed that we would try to put it in our soaps and see if it would work for him.
Riley and Megan began designing the soap and came up with a soap that was mainly yellow and included some clear flakes that were tinted green.  After the first batch was made, we knew this scent was going to be a hit!

While lemongrass and lemons aren’t related, they both contain citral which gives them both the “lemony” scent.  This “lemony” scent will invigorate your showering experience when using our soaps and scrubs.  In the bath, we suggest using the Bath Bombs which will surely make any alone time worth it!

Goats Milk Soap Lemongrass Front

You will love the scent of our Lemongrass Soaps, Bath Bombs, and Body Scrubs.  Whether you want to potentially send ticks packing or you just want an invigorating experience.  The scent of citrus is sure to awaken your senses!  If you would like to try a bar, you can visit us during the summer at the Hallsville Farmers and Artisans Market.  If it isn’t summer or you can’t wait, you can visit our shop and pick up a bar, bath bomb, or body scrub to have shipped to you!

Make each new day a you day!

We are not doctors or in the medical profession.  All claims of any medicinal or other benefits of using our products are a result of basic internet searching.  We do not guarantee our products to reduce the number of ticks/tick bites you receive.  Each individual is unique and may have different results.  If you are unsure of using this product, feel free to consult with your own physician or a professional.

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