I don’t know if this is a serious post or not…

I just showed up and the last update/blog post was from April.  What? I guess we’ve been doing so much stuff and things that I forgot to update the site, so here’s an update! Some highlights from the last time:

We have added Shae Butter soap to the list of wares. It’s super sudsy and I’m not sure which version I like better. I would probably lean toward the Shae Butter side. Both are kickin’ rad!

The next update is going to break everyone’s heart! I am removing the store on the main page (www.thenicholshomestead.com). If you wish to order soap, please contact me directly. It seems like a better idea.

I believe the Hallsville Farmers and Artisans Market is coming to an end. I am not quite sure because we haven’t been the last couple of weeks. With both of the kids busy with sports, schools, and other activities, it’s kind of hard to be in two places at once.

The building that was for sale was apparently not for sale. So we couldn’t buy it even if we wanted.

Xmas is coming. So is winter. Yay.


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