Serious post update 2018 posted

Sorry for the silly title, but I couldn’t think of anything wittier to say.

The first real update in several months has occurred!  You might have slept through it, but you can see it now!  Products have been uploaded.  Prices have been set!  Shipping has been decided to be at a flat rate of $7 regardless of how much you buy.  Inventories have been updated.

On the subject of inventories – the body scrubs can be made to fill when ordered.  They do not take much time to create and we believe something of that nature should be as fresh as possible.  The body scrubs are currently the only items that we have that you can back order.  If it says there aren’t any in stock, give us a day and we will make more and ship it out.

In addition, the Hallsville Farmers and Artisans Market is about to start.  Several of the vendors are going to begin May 19 from 9 am until noon.  The Hallsville city-wide garage sales are June 9th and we will be operating the Farmers Market from 8 am until Noon.  This year the time for the regular Farmers Market will be from 9 am until noon.  This is a change from years past, so please come before noon.   We will be offering our bath products as well as vegetables later in the year.  I will update everyone when the vegetables are ready!

We are also planning on doing the Moberly Farmers Market which we believe is going to be on Thursdays from 3:30 pm until 7 pm.  If you are in the Moberly area, stop by and say “Hi!”  We will do mostly the bath products at this Farmers Market.

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